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Thank You for Coming to Give your
Feedback on your Tire or Repair Problem!

I recognize that you are going out of your way to give us feedback.

Thank you.

My name is David Jones, and I am the CEO of Sonsio. We are the company whose job is to remove as much of the frustration you have and feel when a tire breaks because of a road hazard, or a repair goes bad because of a faulty part, or incorrect installation.
And we keep busy!

Sonsio covers over 38 million tires and over 79 million repairs (that's a lot!) through our fabulous network of 55,133 tire retailers and automotive service centers all throughout the United States of America. Our one and only job is to rescue the inconvenienced customer who has a problem with their tires or automotive repair.

The Work We Perform Represents the Fulfillment
of a Promise Made to You

What is really important to me is, "Were you positively affected...even wowed by the process? Not just, 'it was okay.', or 'it was fine...', but you had a head-nodding, even
jaw-dropping, "now-that's-the-way-it-should-be-done" type of experience. When you're coming off of a busted tire, or broken-down car that you thought was fixed, it's a pretty tall order, isn't it? And I fully expect that we have room to improve to reach this standard.

So How Did We Do?

Would you do me a favor, and let me know? Just click on the appropriate link on the left of the screen. It will take you to a new page where you'll find just a few, simple questions and a spot for you to give your comments. Good or bad, I want to hear it all. If you would do that for me, I will gladly include you in our quarterly drawing for a $250 gift certificate to a retailer of your choice. We also have a number of valuable second place prizes we will be giving as well.

Whether you are one of our prized dealers, or one of their very valued customers,
I thank you in advance,

David Jones
Sonsio Inc.